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The BWRA is the governing body for wheelchair racing in Great Britain actively promoting participation, equality and governance for disabled people in this exiting sport on road and on track. We are a voluntary organistion. The majority of our operational expenses are funded by donations. Photographs © David Burdus and Critical Tortoise Photography.



Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon 2nd March 2014

Entries for the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon on Sunday 2nd of March 2014 are open on-line on This race will again be a ‘qualification confirmation’ race for those wishing to compete in the Virgin London Wheelchair Marathon, and who have not yet completed a full marathon within the London time limit of 3:00 – completion of this race will assist in gaining entry to the London Marathon. You must be 17 years of age on the day of the race to compete. Please do not forget to tick that you are a wheelchair user.

Great Run Series

After the Great North Run on Sunday 15th September, remember The Great Scottish Run 6th October (10K) and the Great Birmingham Run 20th October - half marathon! Let Peter Riley or Tom Broadbent know if you would like to take part in either/both of the events.

Parking Blues!

The frequency of parking attendants visiting Stoke Madeville Stadium car park has increased and we would therefore like to remind you that if you park in a 'disabled bay' without displaying a blue badge you will be issued with a parking charge. And... in this instance, we understand the charge will be unable to be cancelled despite legitimate reasons for parking at the Stadium even with an excluded registration number.

The 3 hour limit and registration of vehicle registration numbers still stands so please inform us of any new or updated registrations that will be passed to MET parking to be permanently excluded any time related charges. Please also note at large events where a high frequency of unregistered vehicles are occupying the car park, the cameras may be turned off. This can be confirmed at reception if this is the case.

If you have any questions in regards to parking at the Stadium, please do not hesitate to contact Vickey Hawkes, Events Manager.

Call for Coaches

The BWRA is involved in the development of the sport of wheelchair racing from the real grassroots level, encouraging future champions, but also those who want to use wheelchair racing for fitness, competition and, most of all, enjoyment.  We hold a number of training events and camps along with other organisations such as Junior, Youth and Primary Camps and the Inter-Spinal Unit Games, the Limbpower Games, Primary and Junior Games.
At these events we are looking for qualified coaches, as well as people with knowledge of the sport and disability to assist in the sporting side - getting people into chairs, positioning and help with pushing - but also to provide advice how difficulties may have been overcome in order to achieve fulfilment in the sport.

If you are interested in being involved, please gt in touch. In particular, there are a number events coming up, with the Wheelpower National Wheelchair (21-22 Sept), Junior Games (23-27 Sept), Youth Camp (5-6 Nov) and Limbpower Primary and Junior Games on the 5th and 6th October.

The BWRA Championships were held on the 5th May at Stoke Mandeville. Please click here for the 2013 Results.

For those who have not already done so MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL IS DUE. Go to membership renewal form for 2013 by clicking here.

IPC News
The rule on helmets has changed, such that helmets now need to be worn in all races (not just 800m and above) ...... and BWRA continue to recommend the use of helmets whenever you are training in the racing chair as well.

IPC have released a draft list of events for 2016 in Rio - to STRESS this list is still draft and subject to changes! T33 100m T34 100m 800m T51 100m 400m T52 100m 400m 1500m T53 100m 400m 800m T54 100m 400m 800m 1500m 5000m & Marathon.

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